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Want to no how to beat CHILD SUPPORT, here is the #1 answer (TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS). Men take care of your kids. I can't say this enough it's not the child fault but some women make it hard for the men that want to be with there kids. Some woman still want to be with the man and because the man don't want the woman that's what makes this a problem.

But that's not what's important the child still needs support. Now guys i can tell you how to safe guard yourself from the child support enforcement back pay.

1. If you are with your baby momma at this time this mite not apply to you but if you break up you will not have back pay, from the time you'll separate if on good terms you mite be saved from child support. But on bad terms if she stops you from seeing your child get a BANK ACCOUNT with your child's name on it and put money in that account every week, so when or if she put you on child support this will be your back up plan.

2.Just because she stops you from seeing your child or if you are doing for your child some women may get mad at you at anytime and want to put you on child support. Men- receipts are considered gifts not a payment for support, but if you give your baby momma money put it in a money order and (write for child support) this is the only paper work that stands up in court.

3.The POST OFFICE money order is the best money order it last for 1 year and can be traced. Now laws my be different in other states but this is FLORIDA. So for the ones that take care of there kids keep up the good work but for the ones who don't BE A MAN take care of your kids.


Donald Mathenia said...

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Edwin Thompson said...

I thought this article would be helpful, I was wrong. The writer of this blog obviously have no clue about this subject. He, like so many sheeple have been brain washed by the governmental propaganda campaign of demonizing men by labeling them as deadbeats, in order to make them seem to be a sub class and divided class of human. Just like Hitler of Nazi regeime accomplished his demonization of the jews until they were so hated and eventually killed. And yes, I too speak from the position of a man on child support, but not negativly. A man should take care of his children. Child support makes that nearly impossible. I have even published a book "from parent to prisoner" detailing my accounts of incarceration due to child support. For anyone reading this, this subject is almost a dead one. Everyone wants justice and scream that child support is unfair, which I totally agree, but the truth is nothing will ever be done to fix the problem because the men affected will not come together in solidarity and fight against the system, they will not organize. In fact I have given up hope for this nation a long time ago. America isn't America anymore. When Russia and China divide the spoils of America, it will fine with me. I hope I wont be here to see it.

Unknown said...

Well said Edwin!

Unknown said...

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T-roy said...

Go fuck yourself shaquille...sad that even when u write you still sound like a worthless moon cricket

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