"They Yo Kids"

Problem in society men need to get it together stop the excuses.
If you are a able body there's not to many reasons you can't take of your kids. I understand there's problem between you and your baby momma, things like no visitation can't call the house or she just don't want you in the child's life.

I understand those issues you have to work on it just don't give up-even if that means taking her sh*t just to see your kids do what you have to do.

With that said i will say it again if you are in these situation set some funds aside for your child/ren. In a account with you and your child/rens name on it.

But if you are out here living it up and you are doing your job as a father mentally and financially then you are not doing your job.

If you are wearing JORDON'S your kids should be wearing JORDON'S- you understand it's not that hard.
How can you feel good about what ever success you have and your kids look like sh*t.

But for the ones that are out of work and are trying to get work to take care of your family/kids more power to something will come thru just keep looking.

These type of men don't no how to lay down when they have mouths to feed.

Lady's pray for the men they need it more than you no. GOD BLESS

Get your mind right !!!!!!

Are you focus on you or is your attention on someone else?
You will never be happy or satisfied with yourself because the lack of self enjoyment.

If you ever notice how other people may seem selfish, some people are but the majority of them take the time to focus on them self.

Rule number 1 "I" comes before "u". I know what you maybe thinking ( what about the kids) I have to put my kids first.

If you don't take the time for you you will burn out then you will be no good to you or the kids. This is not about the kids see this is what im taking about(focus)on you some times it will better your life.

You will live a healthier life trust me. Life is not meant to be miserable you suppose to enjoy this life- you are only here for a limit of time.

Live your life!!!!!!!!

Got Her Out The Club?

In this day and age we have to be careful with who we associate ourselves with. Whether it's as friends or a loving relationship.Paying attention to the way people act is critical, there's tell tell signs you can look for but this doesn't all ways work.

So for the club goers this 1 is for you, she looking good in her high heels and beautiful dress all made up. I can say 90% of the time the club is not where you wanna find a mate for the long run.

This is not to say you can't find a decent women in a club but the chances are slim.

These are things you don't want...........................

if she is tossing it up
if she is on every guy in the club
if she have to keep pulling her shirt or skirt down
if she is louder than the music
if she let men rub all over her
if she starts a fight
if her clothes are see through
if she is taking bumps of cocaine
if she is at the club every week
if she has a man/ married

These are tell tell signs that these may not be the right woman for your future.

Look for the woman that barley hang out and that can control herself in public, and by you doing that you may eliminate the headaches and drama.

So take heed and open your eyes-focus on what you want in a woman an you should be fine.

but even with all that said- you can find a good woman in the club

Watch Your Money!!!!!!!!

In this day and age you can't trust the banks with your hard earned money.

When the government can take your money for what ever reason they want. The banks are not helping you gain interest anymore. Maybe 1-2% on your money while they make a load of money off your money.

They don't want you to keep your money under your mattress because they don't make no money. It's a way to control you with your earnings (that's right) your earnings.

So don't keep all of your hard earn money where you can't see it.

With all the fees that the bank charge you to get your money.

Stop spending start saving, watch your investments do your research.

Be carefull put some money away for a rainy day.

Let Her Go!!!

What's a man that carries weight? The answer is dead weight.
Get rid of the dead weight, there's many men in a relationship they don't want.

This is usually a waste of time and money, and I no men don't like to waste money.
So let's stop doing it- if she's not the one for you you should all ready know it.

Most of the time you will know by the things she do or the things you do, or maybe it's how you treat each other. There's tell tell sign everybody have them.

Stop being with people for convience because it's unhealthy for the two. Man up and just tell her it's not working for you and it's time to move on.

If you don't do this you will end up hurting her and yourself. If you don't be real with yourself you can't ever be real with anyone else.

Just some words of wisdom- Be who you are Be true to true.

What's wrong with us?

Why do people look down on drug users, when everybody has a habit and if you are doing anything that destroys the temple is considered a SIN.

That goes for smoking,drinking,unprotected sex, eating disorders,obesity,eating unhealthy (process foods and meats), prescription drug use etc.

All of these things destroys the temple. So wake up people get your house in order before you judge what somebody else does. Try helping a person with a habit if you so call love GOD.