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Alot of men don't no that women pay alot attention to hygiene. Here's what i have found out from alot of women and just from being a man myself. Now this blog is meant to help men not to bad mouth men. Look these tips may help; things you should do:

Your mouth: guys look would you like a women with bad breath i don't think so, so "brush your teeth" that means brushing your tongue, teeth, gums, and flossing after meals brush your teeth more than 1 time a day. If you smoke (SMOKERS) do all these things i said at least 3 times a day. Please gargle, and it wont hurt to swallow some it want kill you. Because if you think about it what you eat causes bad breath but i will get to that later.
Take a bath:look wash thoroughly this means if you have to take a bath twice a day do it. Change your wash rag everyday if possible, please don't wash your butt before you wash your face that's just nasty. Don't forget to wash your feet get the dirt off your whole body.
Ears:inside and out, peroxide helps.
Wipe your ass:this means after you finish handling your biz-ness on the toilet wipe until you are clean, and baby wipes helps. It sounds funny but think about it we clean baby's bottoms with wipes to make them smell good. So if you think about it, you can smell good to, this is great for your testicles and penis because water splashes up and hit's them (or maybe that's just me) lol.
Hands and Feet:guys please- this is a plus women loves a man who takes care of there hands and feet. No women want a man to touch there body's with rough hands and nasty feet. So tighten up guys, get the manicure and the pedicure (it don't mean your GAY) guy's grow up your women will appreciate it trust me.
Wear clean clothes:change clothes, if they are dirty don't wear'um bottom line.
Get in shape:believe it or not working out helps release the fat and toxins that makes your body have odor.
Last but not least change your eating habits, eat more veggies the same thing grown-ups tell kids, its still works for grown-ups so practice what you preach.

So men this helps you to be a better man, better husband, better father and best of all you will smell and look better. Women will love you (I think).


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